29 Nov 2013

Music to Tidy To ...

You may have been bothered for hours/days/years (please insert whatever word or thought is appropriate) by the need to clear out your wardrobe/bedroom/kitchen/cupboards/shed/hopefully not too rancid food in fridge.

Yet whenever that thought grips you-that you really must DO something about the clutter, mess or amount of stuff - you can’t bring yourself to get on with it. Finding the fourth re-run of any programme on TV a better idea to watch, than to grasp that permanently-moved-to-another-day bull by its horns and deal with the mess. Procrastination wins again.

So here is how to deal with it.

Get happy. Dance!

Dance around the room to at least two of the first tunes below. The idea of sorting out your many years worth of precious stuff is far worse than the actual sorting of it. And if you lift your energy with some great tunes you will make the process, fun and easy. And this means you will do it again, possibly discovering some songs along the way that you’ve never heard before.

Clearing out stuff shouldn’t be a painful, joyless experience. Start small, say one drawer of a chest of drawers, or one corner of a room, or one shelf.

If you get your energy up with the first few tracks below, the next few will keep you going- with a final slow down to some chilled ‘now I deserve that glass of wine, or cake' sounds. The last track is basically a celebration of your achievement. 

Don’t try and do too much. Keep it to 30-60 minute tidy-ups, whilst listening to some great music- then clearing out clutter becomes a treat.

I am a 'granny raver' so some of you may not love my choice as much as I do, but its very easy to create your own playlist ... and sing as you sling.

Have already heard from a local Folkestone lady that her favourite hoovering song is 'Firestarter' by the Prodigy. Let me know your favourites, I would love to hear!

Top tunes for building energy, preferably at full blast through headphones (we at Organisational Goddess do not like making enemies of our lovely neighbours).

1.  Chase and Status: Blind Faith  (play from 3 minutes in if you want to hear the music immediately)

2.  Shirley and Co: Shame, Shame, Shame

3.  Black Box: Ride on Time

4.  Basement Jaxx: Do Your Thing

Keep it going with:

5.  Robbie Williams and Kylie Minogue: Kids

6.  The Prodigy: Charly

7.  Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons: The Night

8.  John Newman: Love Me Again

9.  Avicii v Nicky Romero: I Could Be the One 

Take a break-watch number 9 video-inspiring and really funny!!!

You're winning, so start chilling ...

10. Brad: Some Never Come Home

11. Lauryn Hill: Miseducation of Lauryn Hill

12. Nick Cave and Enya: Don't Fear the Reaper

13. N.E.R.D.: Run to the Sun

14. Tori Amos: And Dream of Sheep

You’ve won!!!   

15. Royksopp: Triumphant

The Organisational Goddess

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